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It all began during a nice warm summer, a very warm summer, a burning warm summer in Tel Aviv…Walking naked was unfortunately not an option so I wondered:

«What should I be wearing?»

I first considered to continue with a lighter version of my winter trousers, but within a few minutes I was melting like a candle, after which I tried a skirt but realized I was risking a panty exposure with every move I made, so I thought: «What about SHORTS?»


«Shorts have great style and are easy to walk, sit, ride and dance in»


Going shopping for the dream piece was a complete failure. Very quickly I understood the ideal shorts are a rare commodity as every piece available was either too sportswear, too poor in quality, too expensive or just too damn ugly.

I finally decided to put my sewing skills to work and make a pair myself out of some spare colorful cotton fabric I had in my drawer.

«Once it was ready… my life had changed… it was just perfect!»


Of course my dear sweaty friends were still suffering and complaining about the hard time they were having. So I also made a few for them.

From all of this, I decided to start a full collection, offering exclusively designed shorts and inviting all girls to adopt this breezy and modern look!

I went back to my roots, Paris, in order to work on this collection, together with my former stylist, 80 year old grandmother.


We wanted to draw the perfect designs, with a combination of her « savoir faire » and my knowledge of how confortable and easy to wear, today’s fashion needs to be. We finally settled on three models: 2 pockets, 1 pocket, no pocket / long, short, super short / high-waist, mid-waist, low-waist.

In no time we decided to focus on finding softer and lighter fabrics, while at the same time hunting for colors that make girls beautiful, and uniquely intricate details.

That is when we met Jacky, who’s kindness, professionalism and Aladdin’s cave of high quality fabrics made the entire project possible! After a few visits with him, we selected the most high-quality, original, and comfortable fabrics we could imagine.


After the fabric hunt, began the production that took place in Paris.
We offer 100% made in France shorts.