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Forced labor in Uzbekistan


Forced labor : the US release pressure on Uzbekistan

In its 2015 report about the human trafic, Washington now only rank Uzbekistan « category 2 » in the country to monitor.
A scandal for the NGO, forced labor and children use are still very common for cotton culture.
The report published in the US precise that the government new reforms don’t allow the country to reach the minimum standars in the fight against human trafficking. But the ranking of the country in the 2nd category among problematic countries is a way to pay tribute to their efforts.

A decree, approved last year, officialy forbid the children labor in cotton field, and several school principals have been prosecuted last season. Nevertheless, the children labor and coercive processes stayed accurate. For example, to allow the producer reach their production quotas set by government.

Agriculture is one of the economics pilars of the country, with 18% of GDP and 27% of employment. Activity mainly focused on cotton, Uzbekistan is worldwide sixth producer and fifth exportator. The use of neighborhood school child to harvest provoke the banishment of Uzbekistan cotton by many brands and countries. However, the Uzbek cotton is still sold in huge quantity to third country, less picky according to experts.


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